Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy America Day and random blog posting.

Yesterday was what normal people call the Fourth of July. It was 104 degrees and dry out where I am, so we didn't get to shoot off any fireworks. However, I did get to see a firework display downtown (which I guess was done safely by professionals or some shit, because there was like a state-wide ban on fire things and the government did not shut down the display). Also I made a set which I will whore out to you right now.

Yeah, I know you don't give a flying fuck, but you were forced to look at that set. >:D HAHA I'M SO EVIL~

Okay, so I've been reading Artsy Like Athena, my best friend's blog, and comparing hers to mine. And I noticed that in her posts, she tends to stay on one topic. Like THE WHOLE POST is about ONE topic. And mine are all *Look, I just read Arkham Asylum. Now here's what my life would be like if I fought illegally for money.* and *I have extra testosterone in my body. I don't understand Colombiana, so here is a German who doesn't understand daddy long legs.* and *Yesterday was America Day. Lol my blog is so random.* My synapses just like fire all over my blog posts. They completely lose control. They just don't know when to stop.

I realize that this is also a random subject change, but it's like 3am and I have got some major munchies. Also I can't sleep, so I should probably drag my tired ass to the kitchen and drink that chamomile tea I bought exactly for this purpose. I hope it doesn't taste like shit. I have heard people say it tastes like shit.

...I should probably, y'know, go...drink that*awkwardly slinks out of room*

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