Friday, July 27, 2012

Awesome and epically amazing things.

Things I have a total boner for lately:
               1.Trees. They are amazing.
I've never been a big fan of flowers. Floral prints make me nauseous. But there is not a chick in the world who doesn't appreciate some form of plant. I choose trees.

Trees are so much more awesome than flowers. Flowers are pussy shits that break easily. But a tree stands tall and strong. I have never seen someone kill a fully grown tree by stepping on it. If you want to kill a tree, you have to call lumber people or some shit to come and cut that shit down. A lumber crew is not required to kill a flower. Plus, trees are so much more awesome-looking than flowers.

Look how tall and strong that shit is.
This pussy ass flower cannot compare.

2.The sky/space/galaxy/anything up there
I have googled *universe* just to stare at all those breathtaking pictures. Also there are clothes. Like this tank top.

And these leggings.
And this dress.
I would wear that shit so hard.

Also look how pretty these pictures are.

They could all be fakes done by 19-year-old porn stars who hate boxing and I would not care because they are just SOOOOOO PREEEEEETTYYYYYYYYY~

3.Shit relating to the brain, like neurology, psychology, and the like (lol I sound so fancy. "and the like" XP)
I just wanna like...figure out the human brain. I don't know. I can't explain it. It's just so damn interesting.
Also look what I found. Dopamine Jewelry. It's this place that crystallizes chemical substances, like serotonin and shit, then photographs them through a polarized light microscope and then YOU GET SEXY BRAIN JEWELRY.
Also look at this sweet "toggle necklace" that my fiance will buy me when I am working as a neurologist or probably just a psychiatrist but he will buy it to express his insane, passionate love for me because dopamine is believed to be the chemical responsible for romantic love.

Plus look what else I found while googling *dopamine jewelry*. The Psych Store. It's got the same kind of sexy brain shit to wear.
A neuron necklace! How delightfully nerdy.


...You all know how I feel about boxing. If I ultimately fail in becoming a brain person, I shall be an underground fighter. Here's the chain of fail:
Neuroscientist--->Psychiatrist--->Psychologist--->Actress--->Underground Fighter--->Prostitute--->Hobo.
An actress is on the same lines of "brain person" because it's still kinda human-behaviory.

...I believe it is time for this post to come to an end. If I think of other bonerific things, I shall tell you later. I'm done talking to you now.



  1. Oh my God, Dobby, you should know, my sister wore a necklace in the shape of a the chemical representation thingy of dopamine to her wedding!!!

  2. Ermahgerd that universe dress and neuron necklace are the sexiest things I have ever seen.
    I share your love/gasmness of the universe. My personal area of interest, though, is planetary.
    Also lol I totally don't understand that jewelry thing but okay