Sunday, June 17, 2012

Color Me Nerdy, sadness, and BILLYYYYYYYYY!

You know what would be a cool name for a band. Color Me Nerdy. Like every time I say something like "Call me nerdy, but my favorite book is 1984 by George Orwell," (which it is, btdubbs. I effing love that shit) my brain is like "NO Y U SAY CALL ME NERDY THAT'S NOT RIGHT COLOR ME NERDY SOUNDS SO MUCH BETTER" and then I'm like "Oh my god brain you are so stupid but Color Me Nerdy would be an intriguing name for something. Perhaps a blog or a book OR AN AWESOME SEXY ROCK BAND THAT SINGS SONGS ABOUT ROBOT UNICORNS AND THE HARSH REALITY OF ZOMBIE APOCALYPSES" Hence this blog post.

If any of you ninjas out there are thinking about starting an awesome sexy rock band, I suggest the name Color Me Nerdy. I also suggest you mention my blog in an interview when you are famous. But that is just a suggestion. You don't have to. I don't wanna pressure you. Also you might think it's a stupid name and I am sorry if it made you want to throw a brick at a five-year-old. You don't have to use it. It is okay to laugh about it with your little ninja friends and wonder who the hell would come up with such a stupid annoying name like Color Me Nerdy. What the fuck were they thinking? That's the thing, they probably don't think. What a dumbass.

...I am sad now.

Whenever I am sad, I pretend to be rich bitch, livin' it up in a mansion, and I go on sites like Shanalogic and Modcloth and I google things like teacup pigs for sale and pink vespa and pretend to be going on my daily shopping spree. But I get sad a lot. So I get bored of shit like that. It gets old quick. AGHHHHH MY GOD I HAVE SO MUCH FIRST WORLD PAIN.

Every time I hear the name Billy, I think of Adventure Time, and I say "BILLYYYYYYYYYY!!" This episode of Family Guy I'm watching, with the dolphin named Billy (BILLYYYYYYYYYYY!!), has been exhausting. So many BILLYYYYYYYYYY!!, so little time.

Also I just remembered I have to draw my dear friend a picture of her squeezing the Earl of Lemongrab into her cup of teaOH MY GOD HOW FUCKING BRITISH DID THAT SOUND. SO FUCKING BRITISH.

Ah, but I must be going, my dear ninjas. My new Spongebob coloring book is calling.

Goodbye, my fairies!

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  1. Awesome nerdy bands/musicians you might like: Jonathan Colton (he wrote Still Alive from Portal), Ludo (especially Cyborgs vs. Robots), and the phenomenauts. I don't actually know that last band but I needed a third thing to make it a legit list so I looked up nerd bands. It sounded like a name you would approve of for a band.