Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cell phone woes

You never really notice how much you use your phone until it derps out on you and you are forced to shut it off for a few hours. I feel itchy and restless. What if someone texts me? I will not be able to text them back. They will have to sit there and wait and wait and phone spam me and then they will get distracted by some other shit and forget about me. Then two hours later, I will respond, but they won't be there to text me back. So I will have to sit there and wait and wait and phone spam them until I get distracted by some other shit. And the cycle continues.

The phone I have is this.

I thought it was really cute when I first got it, even thought it was used and kinda sucky. I would just be sittin' there, and then I'd glance at my phone and be like "MY PHONE IS SO CUTE. WHICH MAKES ME CUTE BY ASSOCIATION. I'M SO ATTRACTIVE." So me and my phone had a great relationship...for a while.

Soon I noticed it got little service at my haus (which is where I spend 80% of my time because I am a reclusive soul and also I don't have a car). It would turn off randomly while I was in the middle of typing a five-page long text. And sometimes it would decide to delete my conversations and then re-send me texts from months ago. So I was like "Phone, y u no willing to make this work." And my phone was like "...*turns off*"

I'm not proud of this, but I have found myself looking at other phones.

Mmm, yeah.

Ah, so hot.

dat phone

Unfortunately, all these phones are way out of my league. I'd love to buy a $600 smartphone, but I am not so financially blessed. So I am stuck with my cheapo, used, sucky phone...for now. I feel the time will soon come to part ways with my phone, and move on. If my phone is not willing to work with me, I am not willing to work with it.

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